Monday, 19 January 2009

Now Magazine Article 1979

Now magazine is a celebrity gossip magazine but in 1979 an entirely different magazine had the same title. It was short lived only lasting for a couple of years; a glossy news magazine which was similar to the Economist. On 5th October 1979 it carried this short article about British Handball. It was published to coincide with the screening on BBC's Grandstand of a match between a British League team and the German national team. The accompanying photo shows Germany's Horst Spengler shooting for goal. Former Great Britain and Brentwood 72 coach Goran Gazivoda is the Britain number 4.

Does anyone have any memories of this game (Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go with the rest of my team to watch as I had school the next day)? Who are the other two GB players in shot?


  1. The player in the background in Steph Jones who has recently become the EHA Secretary. More hair then than now!. I was lucky enough to play in that game as did John Jacobson who is still playing with Speke Garston HC.

  2. Memories

    I shook Erhard Wunderlich's hand at the start of the game. 6'10" of muscle and blood. The ball was like a tennis ball in his hand.He scored from the halfway line with the first throw of the match. Manfred Hoffman , the keeper played in goal for us for a short time during the game.Other British players selected I can remember were Larry Beard, Steph Jones, Stan Horne, Billy Forshaw, Terry Delaney, Billy Holderness