Wednesday, 21 January 2009

East Kilbride Club Magazine 1980

This post shows a few pages from the East Kilbride club magazine: GOAL. This sample is from issue 2 of April 1980. The magazine lasted for at least 4 issues (Does anyone know how many in total?) was printed in black and white with 20 A5 pages and contained short articles by club members, player profiles, puzzle pages and plenty of stats. The pages shown here are the front cover, the back cover and centre pages. The issue was late in the season and the back cover shows the league results for the ladies team (W6, D1, L2), gents 1st team (W10, L1) and gents 2nd team (W1, D1, L6). The centre pages show an article on the club's junior section and the goal scoring statistics for the season. Halfway down the gent's list a young A. McCoist is credited with 17 goals.

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  1. As a current player with EK82HC i'd be very intrested in any info you have relating to EK. the scans you have posted are insightfull and intersting in relation to the history of the club. I would be really appreciative if you could e-mail me a copy of the full programme and any other info you have. i can be contacted at Thanks, Dave