Saturday, 24 January 2009

Men's World Championships 1982 in Germany

Since we are in the midst of the current World Championships in Croatia this post shows a report on the 1982 final taken from an issue of Handball News published by the BHA. The issue consists of 8 A4 pages but carries no information as to the number or date of issue, however, since it reports on the 1982 Championships then it was probably published around the beginning April of '82 (page 8 which is not shown carries BHA Cup results from March 21st 1982). The report takes up the first two and a half pages of the newsletter. The illustration on the first page shows 'Handy' the Championship mascot, who bears a striking resemblance to Bugs Bunny. The only other illustration is a photo of the Men's British National team (page 3) which relates to reports elsewhere in the newsletter on the team's participation in the Group C World Championships. Unfortunately the photo has neither a title nor a caption and probably illustrates that the audience for such a newsletter, pre-Internet, would have all been aware that they weren't the Soviets! Having said that the great majority of those in the photo had been the best in Britain for a number of years and continued to excel at the top level for many years after.

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