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Cup Final Programme 1983 - Brentwood

Following on from the last post this one has a photo of the Brentwood team from the cup final programme and the text is the player profiles. Please don't complain about any typos or other strange text. The text was copied from a pdf file of the programme and has been edited but probably still contains errors. I'll post more of the programme soon with the Liverpool men next. I'd have posted the pdf of the programme but unfortunately it exceeds the maximum memory allowed for posting here.

The Brentwood team shown was the dominent force in UK handball during the late 70s and early 80s but this final was a turning point in the history of British Handball with Liverpool gaining the first of thier many honours.

No. 1 David Hendrick, Age:20
Occupation: Bank Official
Goalkeepers must possess fast reactions. courage and good ball sense. David has
all of these abilities and with an impressive array of lnternational appearances for
both Club and Counrty behind him, he will undoubtedly play a key role in this final.

No. 2 Francois Joli Age: 25
Occupation : Geophysicist
Francois joined Brentwood at the beginning of the current season and has proved a
key man in the Brentwood attack, particularly from his favourite leftwing losition.
However, Francois would be the first to admit that adapting from the fluid French
style of Handball to the more physical British game is not an easy move!

No.3 Paul Dempsey Age: 18
Occupation : Gr-eengrocery R-etailer
ln spite of being the youngest player in the club, Paul shows strength, ability and
agility on court comparable with any of the more senior players in the country. He
already has an impressive lnternational record and is one of the top goal scorers in
the National league this season. A man worth watching!

No.4 Billy Hayburn Age: 25
Occupation: Student
Until his departure for Nottingham University, Billy was one of the stars of the Scottish Leagues and when asked to join Brentwood he seized the opportunity with both hands. His skills and effortless goal scoring ability make him a worthy addition to any team. Billy also has an extensive lnternational record.

No.5 Anthony Tropp Age:22
Occupation : lnsurance Broker/ Sports Retailer
A veteran of The Robert Jenkins Club in South Ruislip, Tony joined Brentwood to
assist his training for the National Team. Since that time he has become a key
member dominating the position of Left Wing in attack and scoring spectacular goals from this position.

No. 6 Paul Rolls Age: 28
Occupation : Commercial Printer
A founder member of the Club. Paul has been involved in just about every aspect of
the Club's set-up at one time or another. An ex-lnternational, he is now in the
unenviable situation of having to take the place of Goran Gazivoda as coach of
Brentwood, as well as playing for the team.

No.7 Larry Beard Age: 23
Occupation: Analyst - Ford Motor Co.
A few years ago Larry was heralded as the prodigy of British. Handball. playing his
first iniernational at the tender age of 15. Now at the peak of his handball career he
has an inteinational record as long as his shooting arm and will no doubt play a
leading role in the Cup Final with his total commitment to victory.

No.8 Anthony Easter Age: 21
Occupation: Loss Adjuster
This Season UJinS ni6 first in competitive handball, Tony has yet to reach his peak
performance. Hoiwever his experibnce and confidence irow with every game and
his raw enthusiasm for the spbrt will undoubtedly carry him through the final.

No.9 Graham Harris Age: 35(ish)
Occupation : Companv Director
4". SidJ"Oer .5mb'er of the Club, Graham has recently rejoined the team after a
iiu. uear break, due to work commitments in other parts of the country' He is
lnoti,ei oi tne'CtuU's ex-lnternationals and is the ideal man for boosting teant
morlie anO settlin-g the nerves. prior to a big event. He is also a strong and able

No. 10 Gary Beechener Age: 25
Occuriation : lnternational Bond Dealer
Gary, another of the Club's well established players, has also represented his
couirtry at lnternational level. Formerly a strong-wing Player, he now plays as a line
attacker and has formed a new dimension in the Brentwood attack with his
spectacular "lay out" shots.

No.11 Anthony Davis Age:26
Occuoation: lnternational Bank Official
Another of the founder members,Tony, formerly the Club Chairman and now
Captain of the team, has also played at all levels of lnternational competition, from
Schools to World Championships. One of the three left handers in the team, Tony
has built his reputation as a right-wing player but now interchanges with right half
position in attack.

No. 12 Simon Perry Age:20
Occupation: Student
Alienated from the team through studying commitments, Simon's- handball career
has never quite been allowed to reach-its peak. However with studies behind him a
strong future is assured.

No.13 Danny Sweeney Age:28
Occupation : Electrician
Always an aggressive player, Danny has long been a key figure in the left half
position. Another of the Club's lnternational players, his stamina, gained from
training for marathon running, is usually an important factor in his game.

No. 15 Daren Bartlet Age: 20
Occupation: Fireman
Another player who has been away from the Club due to career training
commitment, Daren is beginning to gain the strength required for the difficult
position of line player in attack. He has also represented his country at Junior
lnternational level.

No. 16 Tom Smith Age: (lmmaterial!)
Occupation: ComPuter SYstem
Tom is unashamedly one of the veteran players of the Club.However he still works
hard on the promotional side of the game and for the Club. He is still more than
capable of hdlding his own in goal, at any level in British Handball, and will no doubt
rise to the occasion in the Cup.

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