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Cup Final Progamme 1983 - Liverpool

This is the photo and player profiles of the Liverpool team for the 1983 British Cup Final. As in the previous post there may be a few errors which I have overlooked during the copy from the pdf of the this post. Fortunately I spotted the player who had been copied across as a Minger!

Paul Davies
Goalkeeper. 22yrs. old. 5'10'tall. Welsh lnternational. Started off as a court player and decided to play in goal 4 years ago. A good prospect for future G.B. team.

Mick Hegarty (coach)
Left Back. 28yrs. old. 6'3". Welsh and G.B. lnternational. Current Men's G.B. coach. Hoping for his first major domestic honour as a club coach.

Les Davies
Centre Back. 24yrs. old. 6'1". Welsh lnternational. Although he has never gained full international honours, he is one of the best defenders in the country.

Tommy Garnett
Winger.20yrs. old. 5'8. Another product of their youth policy who has gone on to gain international honours at U/21 level.

Paul Church
Left Wing. 25yrs. old. 5'10'. England and G.B. lnternational. Last season's player of the year at Liverpool H.C. His recent form has brought him back onto the international scene after a two year absence.

Phil Church (captain)
Centre Back. 22yrs. old. 5'9'. England and G.B. lnternational. He has had an injury prone season, but he has managed to fight his way back to fitness for this final.

Steph Jones
Right Wing. 25yrs. old- 6'0'. England and G.B. Steph has played internationally for eight years making him the most experienced winger in the country.

Joe Nolan
Left Back. 22yrs. old. 6'4'.G. B, U/21 international. He has promised much over the past three seasons and with consistency in his game will become an extremely good player.

Peter lrving
Line Player. 25yrs. old. 6'1". Welsh lnternational. one of the best line players in the country.

Paul Forester
Right Back .
25yrs. old. 6'1". England lnternational. A much improved player over the past two seasons. On current form he will not be long in gaining his first full international for G.B.

Dave Woods
Left back 21 yrs. old. 6'1". Dave only_began.playing two years ago and he has already gained international recognition at England U/21 level.

Dave Henaghan
Goalkeeper 30 yrs. old. 6'2".England and G.B. lnternational. A remarkable player. He is probably the only player in the country to_have played in every position at top domestic level. He was a court player from 1973-1980. Then he went in goal and fought his way to become one of the top three keepers in the country. He is still a formibable court player and in fact played out and scored several goals in Liverpool's European Cup venture last season.

Dave Levy
Right wing. 22yrs. old. 5'10''. Dave has played for 3 years. He has just broken into the first team squad. lf a few more players in the country showed his determination and dedication, the standard of handball would rise dramiatically.

Steve Farrelly
Winger' 20yrs. old. 6'1''. An example of Keith Clark's youth policy, who was recently chosen to play for England U/21's against Scotland.

Tommy McNab
Line Player 25yrs. old. 5'9". He was introduced to the game through his wife, Chris,who plays for Halewood. Although he has played for only two seasons, he has shown a remarkable aptitude for the game.

Keith Clark
Line Player. 5'10". 28yrs. old. Former G.B. lnternational. Original founder member of Liverpool H.C. 13years ago. His youth policy has given L.H.C.the very sound base of up and coming talent in the club.

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