Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Governing body hits on Wikipedia

How do you measure the level of interested generated by different sports during the Olympics? I'm sure MORI or IPOS are being commissioned to carry out surveys to measure people's attitudes but a crude insight into the level of interested is whether people can be bothered to find out a bit more and maybe investigate the governing bodies of sports. One method by which people do this is to search Wikipedia. Fortunately, data is available for the number of hits a Wikipedia page receives each day and this has today been analysed to compare the 30 day period since 15 July. It should first be noted that a few governing bodies still do not have Wikipedia pages e.g. Weightlifting and others have governing bodies which do not exist at a British level e.g. Badminton and Football.

So which British governing body has received the most hits in the past 30 days? With 11,897 hits cycling wins hands down, although it needs to be remembered that some of the hits will have resulted from the exceptional performance of British cyclists during the Tour de France. So we move on the the silver medal and ... Yes! The page British Handball Association with 3,453 views beats UK Athletics (3,153), British Swimming (2269) and British rowing (2173).

A little like the claims that Scotland and Yorkshire make about where they would come in the medal table, England Handball would have been fourth with 2459. Finally, Scottish Handball (568) had more views than the British governing body pages for five other Olympic sports.

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